Home Probe Academy Videos

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that naturally occurs from the break-down of uranium in the granite underground; Radon is all around us naturally, but when we are exposed to it long-term in our homes, is when it becomes dangerous. Learn how this 48 hour test can keep your buyers safe.

Where should you look for mold? How dangerous is it? What is the best way to remove it? This webinar will discuss mold and what to do if appears on your next inspection report.
The children’s three pigs story is all about stereotypes of exteriors of the home. What’s the best siding and what should be avoided? Is there “good” stucco?
We will explore all things heating and cooling and save you a visit to a hot attic! What does efficiency really mean? How long do heating/cooling units work?

How listing inspections help sellers beat the market.

We will walk you through the roof inspection while you remain safe on the ground. What’s the best way to inspect a roof? What is the average life span of a roof? Are their “good” or “bad” types of roofing covers?
Arguably the most important part of a home, we’ll talk about the “bones” of the house. What are the benefits to a home built on a slab? A crawl space? A basement?
Let is “crawl” you through the crawlspace while you stay clean.
Learn how to inspect all things electrical in a home. What are common electrical mistakes> How can you be sure all of the electrical parts are safe? We